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Birdie Leadership

De 9 holes of sustainable and authentic leadership

(english version)

Rudi Francken

264 blz., 17 x 24 cm, black/white, illustrated.

Sales price including shipping € 24,95

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Recent evolutions in the business world make it clear that our industrial style of leadership is no longer compatible with the expectations of modern knowledge workers. An upgrade to ‘Leadership 3.0’ is necessary if you want to secure the future of your organization in the fascinating but turbulent 21st century.
In an entertaining manner and making use of the interesting metaphor of golf, Rudi Francken inhis book Birdie Leadership describes a new leadership style that every leader and every company can quickly and easily adopt.


Birdie Leadership highlights the basic fundamentals of sustainable leadership in this new era of knowledge workers: direction, structure and engagement.
At the same time, the book offers a number of invaluable practical tips and usable tools, which will help leaders to steer their organizations in sustainable manner through these difficult times.

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